Thursday, October 26, 2006

new pots, chard, romanesco, chimi's.

This is Romanesco! The chef at my job bought it back from the Farmers Market the other day. I had to have one of my own. My cat Captain Clearbeard needed to get involved also. She was purring and rubbing all over it. When I cook it up tomorrow I just have to remember to wash all the clearbeard off of it. Its basically a mix of cauliflower and broccoli I was told. I was also assured that it wasn't some weird science experiment. I think I'll just steam it tomorrow.

These are my NEW All Clad Pots and Pans. First I need to thank anyone who gave us gift cards and whatnot at our wedding in was because of you that I now have this set. They are so pretty and shiny. They heat up so fast I almost burnt my dinner tonight. I have to get use to actually using really good pans. I LOVE THEM!!

Tonight I made us chimi's with guacamole and chard. I don't have too much to say about these tonight. It was a kinda ho hum evening here and a ho hum dinner. The chimi's are filled with my black bean mixture that I use for rice and beans. The best thing about these are that when they are fried up a bit the bean liquid reduces and gets really creamy and good. To top it off I made quacamole with lots of jalapeno, garlic, red onion, lime and cilantro.

The chard.


Candi said...

I love the romanesco and kitty photo! :) I was going to buy some myself last week at the co-op, but it was ridiculously expensive! I will check for some at the farmer's market this weekend!

I love the new pots and pans! So shiny! :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, never seen Romanesco before !

And your pots and pans look awesome !

Anonymous said...

love the pancakes in your earlier post - and funny, your pots look like the ones we use in school. ;)
midterm today - and i would love to meet you some time this month. maybe farmers market and coffee afterwards?