Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pizza another Uptown.

Pizza w. Pesto, Almonds, Onions, Red Peppers, Zucchini, Garlic and Herbs de' Provence

I was never a big pizza eater. There was something about the ratio of sauce to cheese that just didn't do anything for me. Although my mom's English Muffin Pizza's from my childhood are a dream...english muffin, sauce, processed american cheese. Kids and their processed cheese.

Ever since I started making my own pizza without cheese I've become a huge fan. I love spreading homemade pesto on the dough and covering it with veggies and nuts. Tomato sauce, veg and dollops of tofu ricotta, yum! Splatter olive tapenade on top, even better! One of my all time favorite pizza's is from VwaV..the Potato and Tempeh Sausage pizza (i just packed my cookbooks so i'm guessing that's what it is called)..i served it to a bunch of omni's a few months ago with very good results. I suggest you make it now if you haven't already.

Agave Sweetened Lemonade

I really want spring and early summer to arrive. I'm already starting to make and drink cooling summery drinks. I love making lemonade in mason jars. The jars are perfect for the vigorous shaking I believe is necessary to make this drink.

The Uptown take 2

I have finally mastered the art of pouring the above Agave Lemonade with Unsweetened Iced Tea in 2 separate layers!

1st. Pour in Lemonade
2nd. Add ice.
3rd. Very slowly pour Iced Tea over the ice.

Some will mix but you still get the 2 layers.

You have know idea how happy this has made me. It's the simple things in life you know.

Friday, March 07, 2008

yum..and happy news!

Veg-Seitan Noodles w. Spicy Orange-Peanut Sauce

You know when you are at the end of the peanut butter jar and you though you mixed it really well put you didn't and it's a bit hard? Make peanut sauce out of it. All it needs is some other liquid and heat. One of my favorite liquids to use is orange juice. Luckily I had some on hand.

ingredients: peanut butter (chunky), orange juice, chili sauce, tamari

Usually I add garlic and ginger to my peanut sauces but I opted to add a ton of both ingredients to the noodle mixture along with red bell peppers, string beans and a sliced up seitan cutlet topped off with chopped salted peanuts.

Potato Pancakes w. Applesauce

The joy that potato pancakes brings to this apartment and it's inhabitants is crazy. We love em. We eat them a lot. Sometimes I even eat them with ketchup. I make so many that we eat them for breakfast or lunch the next day. These were just a simple potato, carrot, onion mixture. I love them w. parsnips as well.

HAPPY NEWS: We are moving!!!! We were just approved for a very spacious, large, including DINING ROOM!!! 2 bedroom apartment yesterday! I am so happy. I am sad as well because I love the apartment we are in but it's just a 1 bedroom and it's starting to get tight in here especially with Reno on the move now. She will have plenty of space to roam and roll. The only downside to the new place is no elevator (we will be on the third floor again) and no dishwasher like our current place has. But that's okay..we are doubling our living space.

We move April 1st.