Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Soy Vay

Out of pure lazyness I havn't been posting anything. I keep saying to myself "tomorrow". Which should not have been a problem especially since i'm not working anymore. I have all the time in the world right now. On to the food.

Black Bean and Vegetable Taquito's w. Guac and Salad. These were crispy and delicous. Unfortunalty as I was taking my last bite of taquito the power went out. For two hours. Peter didn't eat yet and didn't get to eat them until lunch the next day. This is the type of meal you need to eat when it's made in my mind. The corn tortilla's get alittle weird the next day.

Sweet Teryaki Stir Fry. Right as I needed to add my tamari slurry to the stir fry I realized I didn't have anymore tamari. I freaked out for a minute and then found a jar of Soy Vay Teryaki Sauce/Marinade. It worked so well in the stir fry that I made the exact same dish the next night for dinner as well. It was so nice and sweet and nutty because of the cashews and the two type of sesame seeds that were in it. (black and white).

This is a crap picture. But prolly one of the best curry's i've made ever. I had my first contraction earlier in the week (just a practice Braxton Hick one) nothing to bad at all. I started to freak out that I havn't made any food for us for after baby is born and home (exactly one month from now if all goes as planned) So I made a huge pot of curry with the hopes of freezing at least 2 extra meals for us. That didn't work out. The next day I was so tired we just ate what should have been frozen for dinner and the day after that Peter took it to work. Maybe thurs or fri i'll try batch cooking again.

Our new baby "travel system" is all set up. CB, as with everything new for baby, had to be the first to use it. Thank goodness Riley is too fat to jump into anything baby related. He would break it. Recently he's been demanding that I pick him up to put him into the kitchen window. Its insane that I give in to a cats wishes.

Friday, July 06, 2007

past week.

A lot has been going on in the past week.

*Last Thursday was my last day of work. YEAH!!!! Although I do miss it terribly. It just wasn't possible for me to work anymore because of the baby in my belly.
*Last Saturday was my baby shower which was a surprise up until I drove past the restaurant and saw my friend Cheryl's bright orange car with the autism sticker on it. Our apartment is now overflowing with baby stuff.
*I've was terribly sick in the beginning of the week due to the baby. Sleeping all the time, dizzy and blah.
*The 4th of July was a bore which was fine with me.
*Now that i'm feeling better and ready to cook again i'm going to my parents for the weekend..So hopefully next week i'll have a bunch of new stuff to show you all.

Because of the baby shower I made the above dish. It was a take on something served at the shower. Orecchiette w. Broccoli Rabe and Cannelini Beans. The original dish used spinach and had broth in it. I used Broccoli Rabe instead and left out the broth for more of an oil based pasta dish although I did add some of the pasta cooking water to the dish. This was better then the original at the shower. While I was making it Peter was turning up his nose at the idea of beans being in it. In the end he loved it though and thought everything was perfect about it. It's even better cold the next day. I ate it for breakfast.

Today was a hot day. (for me at least) So for lunch I made us a nice COLD and CRUNCHY salad. Raw beets, Jicama, Cucumber and Avocado over baby greens lightly dressed with lemon, olive oil, salt + pepper.