Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where the hell have I been?

Whoa! I've been missing for awhile! I didn't realize it was as long as it was. I put the blame on the holidays. I put the blame on sickness. I put the blame on migraines. I put the blame on lazyness. I also blame the Food Health Class I'm taking for my job. Bacteria, Microbes and Plumbing can really make you sick to your stomach. Some or all of those might be true, we will never know. I actually havn't been feeling that well and lost interest in eating food. I also didn't want to eat food that I love and then get sick and then never want to eat it again. Is that weird? Maybe but I think it worked in my favor. Tonight I made the best curry i've made in ages.

I used cauliflower and spinach, LOTS and LOTS of spinach. It made me very happy to be cooking again and eating again. I usually use my food processer to chop up all the onions and tomatoes and such for the sauce. But I mistakenly put the parts in the dishwasher and turned it on before I realized I needed the blade and everything else. So I made it all by hand. Which I think is the reason it came out so good. I kept telling Peter it was made with LOVE.

One day last week I made a Basil-miso pesto. I find it strange that it's easier to find basil in the winter then the summer when it's in season. I couldn't find it anywhere this summer. I'm finding it now though so pesto will be made whenever possible. I like it way to much.

I also made Rice and Beans. A special treat for Peter. I use to make this one or two times a week and then gave up on it to try out lots of new things. He was missing it though and so was I.

That's really everything for now. I'm happy to be back.