Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sent home AGAIN!!

How long will this last?? That question has finally been answered. Tomorrow night (thursday) at 8pm I go to the hospital to be induced. This little bundle of joy that i've been carrying in my body for OVER 9 MONTHS will be born friday night at the latest.(at least i hope that's the latest) I went in today for another ultrasound and non stress test and they said everything seemed fine go home and come back tomorrow night. Why they just couldn't induce tonight is beyond me since i'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen tonight on it's own. But you never know.

This will be my last post til at least the beginning of next week when I get home from the hospital and hopefully will be introducing you all to the beast who's been sucking the life out of me all these months.

Have a great weekend and think good thoughts thursday night and friday. CIAO!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sent home.

No baby yet. My test's at the hospital all turned out well so they decided the baby can stay in longer. Such a shame. I was hoping that the ultrasound would annoy the hell out of her so she would come out but no luck yet with that. It annoyed me though I almost fainted 2 times during it from laying on my back. I had to keep asking to sit up for a few minutes. It was horrible. They also approximate that she weighs 9 POUNDS!! I almost fainted for a third time after I heard that. Those approximations aren't alway's that accurate though.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BROWNIES!!! (updated 8/23)

UPDATE: Still no baby for us. If I don't go into labor by noon tomorrow I go to the hospital for some test just to make sure she is doing alright. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow or saturday that means i'm prolly staying at the hospital to somehow give birth to this monster kid. :)

Today was rainy and cold. I wasn't feeling well. I was bored. So I made my Vegan Choc Chip-Walnut Brownies! My favorite part of a batch of brownies are the edge pieces. I love the crispy edge. I made these brownies in cupcake pans so that they all had that edge piece taste, which they did. They however didn't make me feel any better though. It's a first that chocolate didn't lift my spirits but I was still happy to make and eat them. So was Peter.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

baby is LATE!! boohoo...(UPDATED)

UPDATE (8/21): no new news. nothing has changed from the week before at the dr's visit. if the baby doesn't come by friday i have to go get a non stress test and a ultrasound test at the hospital. if those come out well they send me home. if they don't i guess i stay and have a baby induced out of me or cut out of me. i blame the cold rainy weather. she just wants to stay where it's nice and warm.

Saturday was my due date...Baby Unknown decided not to show up. So I decided to make Potato-Carrot Pancakes. Served with some store bought applesauce. These made me so happy except for the fact that my apartment stunk like fried onions all day today (sunday). Open windows and a candle fixed that problem.

I heard a myth that basil helps bring on labor. I don't believe in labor myths but I used this as an excuse to eat lots of basil. So I thawed some VwaV seitan and my basil-miso pesto for dinner tonight. It's simply angel hair pasta with pesto topped with seitan chunks dredged in the chickpea flour breading that I created in the post below. It was so carb-y and heavy but delicious. I watch Top Chef all the time and on one episode this one team made pasta with pesto and meatballs with other stuff so that was the inspiration for this dish. Peter said the seitan reminded him of some sorta meatballs that one of his Italian Aunts use to make so I was pleased.

As per a Pesto recipe that alot of people request whenever I make it..I'm sorry to say that I don't have one. I'll tell you what I do though:

Throw in a Quisenart:

1. A huge handful of Basil
2. A bunch of raw pinenuts (you could toast them if you like)
3. 2 large cloves of garlic
3. 2 fork/spoonfuls of mellow miso

Blend until chopped up...add some salt then run the blender while slowly pouring in some extra virgin olive oil.
Taste and add more pinenuts, salt or miso as needed.

That's basically what I do. The times I've tried to measure everything out it just doesn't come out as good as when I just blindly dump everything in the blender.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment so hopefully she will have some goods news about being somewhat dilated. I also hope that her tinkering around and checking things out will help move the process along.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

still baby.

Today I had one of those day's where I just layed on the couch ALLLLLLLL day long. Which I think in my situation is acceptable. How I got off my ass to make tonights dinner I have no idea..I was aching and slightly cramping through the whole thing.

Italian Seitan w. Pesto, Lemon Potatoes and Cauliflower...YUM!! Yesterday I made the seitan recipe from VwaV. I froze most of it for after baby dinners but kept a few slices around for dinner tonight. The seitan was dredged in a mixture of chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, dried basil, salt and pepper and fried in a few tablespoons of oil. For the potatoes I just cut em up, squeezed 1/2 a lemon on it (leftover from my guacamole lunch) added some olive oil salt and pepper and roasted them until crispy. Simple sauteed cauliflower...then topped it all off with some homemade Miso-Pesto that I made tonight. Everything was great, especially the seitan. This will be something I make more often. It was so "meaty" and satisfying and using chickpea flour instead of regular flour really made this dish great. (I also use chickpea flour in the seitan recipe instead of the white flour that is called for)

Angel Hair Pasta w. Cauliflower, Stringbeans, Carrots and Tomato Paste. For some reason I really really like cauliflower in pasta. I sauteed cauliflower, stringbeans, carrots and garlic in some olive oil. Since I opened a can of tomato paste to make the seitan recipe mentioned above I needed another use for it so I added a few tablespoons to the pan after everything was cooked and thined it out with some pasta water. Then added the pasta and mixed it all up. I really liked using tomato paste along with some fresh tomatoes in this dish..It gave it a nice slow cooked flavor. It also gave me another use for tomato paste because I alway's end up throwing at least 1/2 of it away because I either forget about it or don't know what to make with it.

Well my official due date is this Saturday. So please think of positive labor pains for me. I have a feeling she might wait until the weekend is over though..but you never know. Everyday it feels like more and more is happening so I hope she's almost ready to send out her signal and get things moving.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

6 days she's due.

I havn't posted in almost a month due to baby exhaustion. She is due next saturday august 18th. I'm hoping she comes sooner then later. If you know what's good for you don't ever get pregnant in the month of November because being 9 months pregnant in August is horrible! I just sit around with the air on and my big belly exposed to cool off. Plus i've been living in a cold shower at least 2 times a day. I've been cooking though on and off and have some porn to show.

I'm calling this Indian Inspired Chickpea and Veg Ratatouille. I had alot of veg in the fridge, it was 8 o'clock at night and we were hungry. Luckily I found a can of tomatoes in the food closet to stew it all together. I served it as is without rice or anything because I didn't feel like it.

Two Bean Cashew Chili with Corn Biscuits. I didn't have enough ingredients to make cornbread. I didn't have enough flour to make regular biscuits so I took a biscuit recipe and substituted 1/2 of the flour for cornmeal, making an interesting Corn Biscuit. It needs a bit of work and something else added to it (i'm not sure what yet) to make it a new and delicious recipe.

Stir Fry Veg with Noodles and Peanut Sauce.

Chipotle "Sausage" and Potato Hash. All we had in the house were potatoes, a grain veggie burger, a chipotle Field Roast "sausage", some carrots, garlic and onions. I fried em all up and added a ton of paprika. It tasted like heaven.

Dirty Rice w. Black Beans...another way to use Field Roast Chipotle "Sausage". I'm obsessed with the stuff.

Someone finally dwarfed Riley and I'm afraid it's me.