Thursday, November 01, 2007


It's NaNoWriMo month. Personally I don't have time to write a novel. The idea is nice though. Instead I'm going to take part in VeganMoFo...a month of writing about vegan food. I havn't posted in over a week due to lazyness. I wish I could say it's because of Reno but quite frankly it isn't. I am a very lucky. I have a good baby.

Here's some porn and words for ya to look at and read.

Sundried Tomato and White Bean Sauce...I had this idea for a pureed sundried tomato sauce that I wanted to be creamy. I used white beans to do that plus added pine nuts, nutritional yeast, a bit of miso and a long list of other ingredients. This recipe wasn't a total success but it was still good. Even better the next day and the day after that..a.k.a. it made a ton of sauce.

Last tuesday my sister was over to bother Reno and eat dinner. She alway's order's Gnocchi w. Pesto from this italian place by us. I decided to save her some dough and make it myself. She declared this to be the best pesto she's had. I reminded her that it was vegan..she almost took her declaration back. But didn't.

A nice side of Garlic Bread with the gnocchi. I wizzed up some Earth Balance, garlic, olive oil and a touch of pesto in the blender and spread on the most delicious looking bread I could find at the store.

Celebration Roast. I've never had it before. I've alway's loved Field Roast's sausage things but the celebration roast alway's scared me a bit. It scares me no longer. This was good. I wouldn't eat it all the time but for Thanksgiving away at the parents or in-laws house i'd take one with me. It cooks in minutes with just the addition of some broth. For this dinner I served it with some StringBeans w. Crispy Garlic and Rice and Beans. This was delicious the next day for dinner with the roast sliced and sauteed in some oil. sweet...heart cupcakes...

I have this recipe for Chocolate-Orange Cupcakes that I'm working on. They are suppose to be filled with a ganache center. Stupid me put them in the oven and then went to check on Reno...In less that 2 minutes they were out of the oven because I forgot to put the ganache inside the cupcakes...but the cakes already starting to set on top. I tried to force the ganache in but it of course melted right away, which I knew would happen but I had to try anyway. So needless to say they didn't come out as planned. People still liked them but I felt like I needed to apologize about them which I shouldn't do.

So again..welcome to VeganMoFo...some suggestions were posted on the ppk forums of what to write about...but if you have any suggestions of what I should write about or would want to see me make or whatever please let me know. I might run out of ideas.


Stephen Mejias said...

Oh shit, dude -- I love that Celebration Roast stuff. I'd eat if for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- as a main course, in a sandwich, whatever. Pretty much like I would with meatloaf. Mmm.

JENNA said...

stephen! you've eaten celebration roast??? when? and w. who!? I'll make you a celebration roast dinner one of these weeks so you can hang out with us and Re.

Teresa said...

Everything looks so yummy. I'd love to eat that pesto gnocchi with your sister.

Hope everything is going well with the little one!

JENNA said...

you would love to eat it with her...she's'd be spitting gnocchi out ya nose!

Anonymous said...

the food looks good.

im happy you got the new cookbook, cant wait to see what you will be cooking from it. get well soon!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

The gnocchi and pesto looks really good and I would follow that up with one of those cupcakes, yum!
Hope you both feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

The gnocchi looks lovely. I always read food blogs in the morning which is probably dumb, I never feel like having breakfast I want to skip right to dinner!

Stephen Mejias said...

I actually bought a Celebration Roast because I thought it was something I'd read about on your blog. A long time ago. They sell them at Subia's on Jersey Avenue. I ate it all by my lonesome, but that was alright cuz there was more for me.

Invite my ass over already.

Anonymous said...