Sunday, November 04, 2007

VeganMoFo: Traveling

Traveling is something I do a lot now a days. We don't go's just to my parents house 2 hours south from us on the outskirts of the Pine Barrens in southern N.J. There are no sidewalks down here..that freaks me out! Anyway the closest places to shop around here are 3 WaWa's which have nothing to offer a vegan besides black coffee and weird looking apples and banana's. So I go food shopping (at the store and my own fridge) now before I leave my house. I thought for today's VeganMoFo post I'd make a list of what I brought with me for my 3-4 day visit.

Soy Milk
1 block of Tofu
Cashews and Walnuts (for cooking with and snacking)
Canned Pumpkin (i usually don't use canned but i'm away so it's easier)
Assorted Vegetables (i could easily buy those down here but I'm at the store already)
Canned Beans
Iced Energy Green Tea
Bread Crumbs
Earth Balance
Penne Pasta
Vegetable Broth
Ciabatta Rolls
From my Freezer: my Fire Roasted Tomato and Butternut Soup w. Curry and Coconut
3 homemade Redbean and Millet Veggie Burgers

I believe that's it. Its not a ton but it's more than enough to get anyone thru a 4 day visit for me and my parents to eat without having to leave the house and be in danger of being kidnapped by a PINEY!

I've got the veggie burgers and soup for lunches. I'm planning on making the Pumpkin Ziti from Veganomicon for all of us one night..enough veggies for some stirfry's and side dishes..and maybe some rice and beans. Since I've left Peter at home to make us some money i'm sure there will be leftovers from every dinner as well, for my dad to eat WEEKS later after i've left..the man has an iron stomach I don't know how he does it without getting sick. He's one of those people who would open a canteloupe that was moldy and scoop out the mold and eat it with the same spoon that he used to scoop out the mold..disgusting!

I hope I haven't grossed too many of you out with that last part. I'm grossed out.

Anyway...if you have a car and some tote bags with some frozen soup and veggie burgers to keep things cool for a few hours, traveling vegan is easy. If you are traveling to say New Orleans from New Jersey in the middle of August (big mistake..SOOOOOOOOO HOT) like I did years ago with 2 car loads of friends and only 2 of us vegetarians a nice small fold up when your done cooler and directions to local whole foods/health food stores will do the trick.

Happy Traveling..Beware of Pineys!


Anonymous said...

Since I went vegan I haven't really travelled. I'm scared of how I'll manage!

Also, yes you grossed me out. ewww.

Corrie said...

I travel from the East Coast back to the Midwest to visit family (1,000+ miles), but thankfully I've never had to bring food with me. I go to all my old shopping haunts. It's actually a delight. I must be one of the fortunate ones!

bazu said...

Hee hee, pineys. Hee hee, moldy canteloupe. My dad is like that too. I was staying at his house once and he had a jar of pickles in the fridge with mold on them and he was eating them! I said, "dad, that white layer on top is mold" and he said, "is that bad?" and I said, "I'm pretty sure that'll poison you" and he said, "what if I take the white stuff out?" and I... decided to give up- if it hadn't killed him by then, maybe it never would... lol! Sorry if I grossed you out now.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

I ALWAYS bring food with me on trips - my parents bring food as well, and they're omnivores!! we prefer to play-it-safe with food choices, when traveling :0)

yes, you succeeded in grossing me out, thank you ;0P

Ashasarala said...

Hey there!

I enjoyed your post. I ALWAYS have to pack a ton of food when I travel, even if it's just a 1-day thing. I even pack lunches when going to birthday parties and other family events. Of course I'll bake something for everyone to try as well!

I have to say, I'm kinda like your dad. I eat around mold as long as the whole thing doesn't taste bad. A little mold never hurt anyone, right? Right? ;)

MeloMeals said...

have a nice visit..

Anonymous said...

Today, I was looking at that canteloupe on my kitchen counter thinking I really should cut it up tonight, before it goes bad.
And now, I'm SCARED !

Hope you have a great time !

Vegan_Noodle said...

Looks like your all set for your visit! How funny, my husband has an iron stomach as well. If I open something from the fridge and question whether or not it's gone bad....he always tries it. Grosses me out!! haha

Anonymous said...

Mmm. Piney stir-fry.

Sam said...

I miss Wawa! I used to live in Delaware, and I ate there all the time. That was before I went vegan though...

Anonymous said...







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