Friday, November 09, 2007

VeganMoFo: Clean Out and Chocolate Fashions

Since I still haven't gone food shopping I had to make do with what I had. Which is something I'd like to do more often. I tend to over buy food and then it goes bad and then it goes in the trash and I hate doing that. I even plan out what I'm going to make for dinner for the week and still throw unused food away because some of our dinner plans don't pan out because of unplanned reasons. I'm not going to go to extremes and not go food shopping until all is used up..that would be nuts..I know someone who does that. My old boss at an office I worked in would do that. Once all he had left was some bread and processed cheese slices and ate that for dinner for 3 nights!! Gross!

Tonights clean out the fridge dinner consisted of: Roasted spagetti squash, 1/2 a box of linguini, divina roasted red tomatoes, walnuts, garlic, bread crumbs, olive oil, earth balance salt and pepper. I was surprised at how well it came out. It is something that I would purposely buy ingredients for and make again.

Another way I used up ingredients was to make my own potato chips. I was craving them the other day so I thinly sliced a red skinned potato and fried myself up some salt and pepper potato chips. They were much better then the ones I would have ended up buying and super quick and easy to make.

Today was the chocolate show. Last year's show was a lot better. This year there weren't as many venders and quite a few weren't giving out samples. Guess which booths didn't have people buying there products..the no samples table. None of the chocolates really stood out for me this year. We still had a great time though. Above and below are some chocolate fashions that were worn in a fashion show on opening night of the show.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

mmm, your Clean-Out-The-Fridge dinner sounds great - especially because you incorporated spaghetti squash and garlic into the mix (two of my favorite ingredients - yum!)

wow, those chocolate fashions are positively BREATHTAKING!! it's amazing how much talent people have.

vko said...

um, yum on those potato chips...