Tuesday, November 06, 2007

VeganMoFo: Tastebuds

I learned something today. Sometime between making and tasting all the parts of the Pumpkin Ziti and then hours later eating the pumpkin ziti..I lost my sense of taste. I've been dealing with a throat and nose thing for over a week now. I've been feeling really good for the past few days. But for some reason my sense of smell and taste have decided to take a vacation. I didn't realize it until today when I was walking Reno around in my parents backyard. I picked a piece of rosemary off the plant and put it up to her nose and then to mine and NOTHING..I smelled nothing....I smushed it all in my hand, smelled again, NOTHING. I then moved on to the lavender, sage and whatever other herb back there with the same result. NOTHING. I was so disappointed. For dinner tonight I ate the homemade veggie burgers I brought down with me. (Red Bean, Butternut and Millet) When I first made them they were so delicious and had a great spice to them. I was sad that I couldn't taste that again this evening. I hope they come back soon so I can eat the Pumpkin Ziti again and taste all the taste that I know was there.

Pictured above are my parents cats. To the left is Sam..I like to call him SAM-well. To the right is Oliver...aka Oli.

SAM-well is a lover.
Oli is a wimp.


Ashasarala said...

What pretty cats!

Mayhaps you have allergies? I, myself, am suffering a cold (second time this season!) and I can't taste a darn thing. I've decided to hold off on making any new recipes until I can smell again!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Hope you're not getting sick!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

oh no!! this has happened to me before, when I was sick - for a WEEK, I lost my sense of smell and taste. as a foodie, I like to smell and taste my food, so this was pure torture. I hope your sense of taste and smell do not last as long as/longer than a week!!

aww, Sam and Oliver are quite adorable :0)

Jody from VegChic said...

Sam reminds me of a Siamese cat I had as a child.

Here's hoping that your sense of smell comes back soon. Maybe washing out your nose with salt water would help.

I'd be very sad without my sense of smell...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I secretly wish I'd lose my sense of smell/taste so that I wouldn't be so inclined to eat. I remember once I lost my senses for an entire week. I tried to eat a piece of homemade apple pie and it was so bland I didn't finish it or the rest of the pie. It just wasn't worth it anymore. I thought it seemed like a great way to not pig out and overeat. But it would be kind of sad because I do get a lot of pleasure out of eating (probably too much!).

I hope you're back to better in no time!

bazu said...

I hope your sense of taste comes back! Last year, I came down with a bug that caused me to lose appetite, smell, and taste. I went through a total existential crisis- who's bazu without food, I ask you??

Gwenlet said...

Beautiful kitties!

Terrible news about your sense of taste, though--here's to hoping that it's back soon!