Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VeganMoFo: Take Out

Vegetable Mus Munn

There are some nights when you have lots of food in the fridge, pantry, freezer etc...with no desire to cook or eat any of it. That was my deal today. Tons of leftovers, chickpea patties, mac daddy..etc..Lots of frozen dishes, chili, soups, veggie burgers. Newly bought produce. I wanted non of it. I've been basically cooking all of our meals for quite awhile now which is wonderful for me and our bank account. I was just a little burnt out and was able to get my sister to pick up some Thai food on her way over! I always order the vegetarian Mus Munn. Whenever I order something different I'm always disappointed. Lately I've been disappointed in the Mus Munn because the restaurant changed the "chef's special hard tofu" that comes in all veg dishes. The original tofu was wonderful. You would beg them to add more to the dish and pay extra for it. Now you ask them to take it out which is what I finally did tonight and was pleased that I did so. Every time I eat this dish I wonder why I've never made it at home...I've seen a few recipes for it in various cookbooks but they never look like they will taste good. I'm going to start researching a little more and make it for myself next time, with extra cashews!