Sunday, November 25, 2007

VeganMoFo: Still eating what's left.

I have no idea what to call this

So we are home from our Thanksgiving weekend and I still have food that I need to use before I go food shopping again. What was left was 1 potato, garlic, shallots, field roast chipotle sausage, rice and kidney beans. As I was chopping everything up I was second guessing myself and thinking what the hell am I making us for dinner? It turns out I was making something good...with the addition of some paprika and mexican oregano we had a pretty tasty dinner.

Regarding not shopping til it's all used up. I can't do it anymore. I'm sure I could last 3 more days without buying food but the lack of fresh greens that would be in my diet for those 3 days would kill me. I need greens. I have to say I did quite well using up what I had though. I only had to throw away 2 carrots..that's it. We will see how well I'll do next time.


bazu said...

You are right- I can live without a lot, but green leafies / salad is very hard to do without.

aTxVegn said...

I go into panic mode when salad greens and broccoli run low.

I think you call it "goulash." Or is that with noodles?

JENNA said...

bazu...i ended up doing a small shopping trip just to get some green veggies that's it. i'm still doing with what is in the pantry.

atxvegn...goulash is with i want goulash.

Hippie Girl said...

You're awesome at throwing together odds and ends from the refrigerator! Wish I was that resourceful!

Anonymous said...