Sunday, November 19, 2006


I'm waiting for this handsome guy to get off a plane and give me a call from Tulsa. So to relax i'm going out for some veggie Thai food with my sis. Since it's the only time I can have some thai cuz Peter hates it. Even though when forced to eat it he likes it but then changes his mind about it after dinner. THE PHONE!

This just in. Peter has just called! Yeah! He's in Tulsa. God knows what's in Tulsa.

Out to dinner now!



madeinalaska said...

ohh how I am all to familiar w/ THE CALL>>> the travel call! And OH how I can relate to Thai... the BEST food restaurant in our itty bitty town is Thai.. Though the restaurant is very small, and a bit over priced it was my total inspiration to learn to cook Thai and for that I am eternaly grateful..
take care

aTxVegn said...

You poor thing. I hope he comes home soon.

I'm pretty sure there is NOTHING in Tulsa.

Anonymous said...

Look at those sexy boats.

bazu said...

That's like on Friends when Chandler got transferred to Oklahoma! Hahaha... wait, that makes me a nerd.

I hope time flies by for you until Peter gets back, and you eat lots of Thai food and brussels sprouts while he's gone ! =D

P.S. my nerdiness has just been confirmed- the letters I have to enter for word verification are: d-o-r-k

Anonymous said...

So, how was the food ?

I so remember my hubby first and last business trip in Winnipeg ! LOL

I really, really, really love the look of your Broccoli Rabe Pasta. I'm sure I've told you already though.

And regarding the new Bond movie, it's the first ever Bond movie that I've wanted to see ! It's look great !

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I do hope he's back by now! My boyfriend won't do Indian, I feel your secret Thai pain.

Anonymous said...

Who's the ape?

JENNA said...

u r the ape my love

Anonymous said...