Friday, November 10, 2006

Chocolate Overload=5:00 coma

Holy Moly!! Today was the first day of the Chocolate Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 19th street in nyc. There will be no food post tonight. Peter, my parents(who came all the way up from south jersey) and myself gorged ourselves on chocolate all afternoon. Well we at least thought my dad did. It turns out he was collecting un-wrapped chocolate samples in both of his jacket pockets for later while drinking all the liquor samples that were there. While we were out to lunch he said "hey lady, want some chocolate?" and produced out of his pockets the chocolate samples. HYSTERICAL! He didn't want to eat all the free chocolate at once. I'm so chocolated out that I can't even remember what chocolate I ate. At 5:00 I passed out in bed with a chocolate coma. Now i'm going out to dinner with friends for some Orange "chicken" at Veggie Heaven. I'm actually thinking about going again on Sunday with my sister and one time neighbor Audrey. After the show we ate at Cafeteria around the block. I had the 100% vegan burger. It had absolutly no taste. I wonder if it alway's has no taste or if it was the fault of chocolate? Can chocolate ever be at fault though? I love you chocolate!

p.s. On the train to jersey coming home. Guardian angel Curtis Sliwa got on. At first I though I was having a weird chocolate induced vision. But it was really him. I'm happy that there weren't any Gotti's around to shoot him up because he was standing right next to us.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will remember that chocolated day for a long time :)

I would've liked to see a picture of you with that cute hat or yours and a chocolate stained chin LOL I can't help to think of kids with melted chocolate all over their face and hands LOL

madeinalaska said...

ohhhh.. aren't you a lucky ducky a whole show for choclate!
all I can say is wow!
sounds like you had fun w/ your family..

aTxVegn said...

Hi! First time to visit you and it's all about chocolate! I don't know if I could handle an afternoon of chocolate, but I don't think I could pass it up, either!

I love your chili in the pumpkin. One of my favorite dishes is sweet potato & black bean chili. And the apricots and cashews added takes it over the top!

Great blog!

Anonymous said...