Monday, November 20, 2006


What has Oklahoma done to my darling husband?!?!?! He gets off the plane and they whisk him away to a humungo steak dinner. After work today (in Tulsa) another steak dinner. I'm sure tomorrow it will be yet again another STEAK DINNER! Oh my goodness! I'm going to have to make a humungo salad when he gets home on Wednesday. He better get home soon. The cats don't know what to do without him here to bother them. Riley actually slept curled up next to my stomach last night which he never really does. I have a strange "guard cat" Riley will sleep right up next to me when peter isn't around. He will also get up in the middle of the night when he hears any strange noises and growl! He's the alpha male when peter isn't around.

Thai food wasn't that good last night. :( I went crazy and ordered something completely different and was disappointed. I ordered some sorta string bean in basil something with chef's special tofu. The tofu wasn't as special as it usually is. That's ok. I had fun with my sister. The best part was that I got lost getting there. Its basically 3 blocks from my house. 3 very close and simple to navigate blocks. I don't know what happened. One missed turn and it all went to hell.

The bad thing about not having him here is that I don't cook and eat horribly. I forced the sous chef at work to make me seitan today for a snack so at least I knew I was eating something good. For dinner tonight I baked frozen potato crispy things. I never buy this shit. But I did and I ate it now I feel like shit. I'm going to need that humungo salad just as much as Peter will need one.

To everyone who has responded about him being away THANKS!
Tomorrow I might actually get off my ass and be productive.

One more thing! Brother Stephen. I won the tickets! Did you?


JENNA said...

This is in repsonse to the comments to the post below.

Julee~isn't Thai the best. I love that it inspired you to cook thai at home!

atxvegn~wednesday early afternoon he's home! I can't wait. I too am sure there isn't much in Tulsa.

stephen~are you going to karaoke on thanksgiving eve?

bazu~i love your nerdiness.

gaia~go see the new bond movie. I'm trying to get people I know to want to see it so I have a good excuse to see it again.

jess~thank god peter likes indian. I don't know what i'd do. I feel your indian pain.

Peter~the "hacker" was just outside our building hacking his lungs away yelling at the wall i think. the whole neighborhood suddenly got quiet. what a strange dude.

Candi said...

Oooh, I'm glad you have the kitties to keep you company! They must wonder about the fried potato things. Lol! Where are mommy's healthy foods? Must be hard having your husband away, so don't be so hard on yourself. Big salads are in your future, and you'll be having them while detoxing with your cutie when he is home. :)

Anonymous said...

Shot through the steak
and you're to blame

JENNA said...

you're to blame!!!
come home now!

bazu said...

Oh god, steaks. Like those omaha steaks they advertise in airplane magazines. like business need steak to survive. i'm fondly looking forward to a large salad myself, having gorged on an entire baguette last night!

bazu said...

woah- I meant "businessmen" not "business"...

JENNA said...

candi and bazu....our plans for a big salad were squashed! he went to the pub for some beers with the "bayonne" indians.(friends of ours) and also probably will be having another burger. so i went to our local and only vegan restaurant with my sister for dinner. we will have the salad tomorrow for dinner when we come home from our early early early thanksgiving dinner.

bazu..when peter and I were in paris once we would buy a huge baguette and walk around eating it. I love baguettes!

Anonymous said...

Yo Jenna.
I'm sorry about the tardy response. (I did try posting a note last week, but blogger was effed up.)

So, by now you know I did not make it to Thanksgiving-Eve Karaoke. I'm sure I missed a great time, but I am a homebody. Plus, I've been fighting some dull, but ever-present, illness. It started last Tuesday, persisted through Wednesday, apparently took a couple of vacation days through Saturday, but showed up again last night.

So, though I did not have to win tickets to the show (fortunately, I won the woman), I don't think I'll be going. I need to sleep more.

Anonymous said...