Saturday, November 11, 2006

I love leftovers!

In the fridge I found the leftover chile from earlier in the week. And in my food cabinet I found leftover taco shells from my very first post that were about to expire. I combined the two and had a wonderful dinner. The chile was even better tonight then it was the first night because all the flavors were melding into wonderfulness in the fridge. So I simply stuffed the chile into the taco shells and popped them into the over for about 15 minutes until the chile was heated all the way through. When they were out of the oven I slipped a slice of avocado soaked in lemon juice between the chile and the shell. Then topped it all off with raw zucchini that I sliced into strings with my mandoline! The rawness of the zucchini was a perfect contrast to everything else. I put diced raw zucchini on my rice and beans alot and thought of using it here also. I'm very happy I thought of it. I served the taco's with extra garlicky Broccoli. I ate 4 of them! I probably could have eaten more but I had to refrain myself.

This is a dinner we had a few nights ago that I didn't have time to post about. I remembered one morning that I had froze some of the pasta sauce I made a few weeks ago. So I pulled it out before work and had It for dinner that night. Nothing to great. I love finding forgotten food. This was so warm and comforting. Peter was happy because it was his nonna's recipe that I recreated and apparantly recreated successfully.

We went food shopping tonight. Here is some of the haul. Some of the food I plan to make this week are: My Fire Roasted Tomato and Butternut Soup following the recipe I wrote down. The PPK Fettucini Alfreda, if I'm actually able to buy the yeast. Pizza's with homemade crust! Homemade Seitan and Chocolate Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream! I was excited that Whole Foods was having a sale on Coconut Milk 2 cans for $3!! I bought 4 even though I already have a couple in the food cabinet. I however have been very disappointed in our local Whole Foods recently. I'm having a hard time finding items that I need that they use to carry. Even similiar items that are just a different brand. For 2 weeks now I've been going on and off looking for Nutritional Yeast with no luck. I go tonight and still no Nutritional Yeast. They said maybe tuesday. I don't believe them. So now I will have to lug it home from nyc after work on Monday. They just seem to be scaling back on alot of items. I'm not so happy about it.

Nothing about food. But right now I'm watching a biography on Psychic Children. I'm terrified! There is something called a Crystal Child!!


urban vegan said...

I'm a food voyeur...I love peeking into other veg*n's cupboards. Great stuff.

bazu said...

I love leftovers! I have this perverse love for them, even more than the originals. And, like Urban Vegan, I love peeking into the food finds of fellow foodies. Your remind me that I need coconut milk!

Candi said...

Oooh! Looks like you found some great items at WF. How could they not have nutritional yeast! :(

The tacos look great!!

Pete Prochilo said...

I think Whole Foods is losing some of its more esoteric brands and niche items in favor of more mainstream things.


Anonymous said...