Sunday, November 26, 2006

apples, bogs, migraines and seitan pies oh my!

Saturday morning I made Ben's Cinnamonny Apple Almond Pancakes! I didn't have cinnamon so mine were All Spicey Apple Almond Pancakes. They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!! Peter gave them the seal of approval. Instead of just plain maple syrup I added some apple cider to the maple syrup to make it super apple tasting. They are super easy to make. I plan on making them again for breakfast and I have an idea in my head to make a dessert out of them.
After breakfast we decided to go out into nature and drove up to Skylands Botanical Gardens somewhere in north jersey. I had no idea where I was and kept asking Peter why he was driving us to our death. But we survived. Although I got a migraine because I became dehydrated. Who knew that could happen in the fall/winter. I passed out when we got home.
Anyway, we found a hole in a tree and took some photos. I like these. It was alot of fun. I climbed a tree and didn't fall out. I crossed a bog buy jumping on some stones that went across the middle and didn't fall in. I heard gunshots and didn't get shot. It was a good day. (again, accept for the migraine)

Sunday(tonight) we had Friday Thanksgiving leftovers. Instead of chard I just made a salad topped with Broccosprouts and Crunchy Sprouts along with some raw sunflower seeds. I usually don't buy store-bought salad dressings but I couldn't resist an Organic Miso dressing I saw at whole foods. It was so tasty I ended up eating the salad before the seitan pie things I made. Which were equally good. I like them better fresh because I'm weird with mushrooms (they need to be crispy). Since they were sitting in the fridge for a few days the mushrooms got soft. I pulled them all out. The sweet potatoes and the seitan developed a wonderful flavor though. Still I prefer these the same day they are made.


Candi said...

Ooh! Those pancakes looks great! Ben has great recipes, huh? I made a dish of his tonight too and loved it. I will have to try the pancakes!

I love the photos! How creative you two are! I laughed at how you pulled through this alive! I'm SO glad you didn't get shot!! :P

The setian pie looks great. And the sprouts with miso dressing - yum!

raising_kahne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. : ) I really want to try the peanut butter zig zag, Im a peanut butter addict. Im sorry to hear that your store doesnt have a nog selection, you should request more, they'll probably at least try.

I would highly suggest Turtle Trails especially if you liked the Turtle Tracks dairy kind before going vegan. I didnt like the dairy kind, but I do like the So Delicious kind. I personally loved the Cookie Avalanche soy ice cream though!

Your pancakes look delicious!

aTxVegn said...

We're lucky to have you back unharmed! Nice pics, too!

Everybody is going crazy for Ben's pancakes. I've got to make those - they all look so good!

Anonymous said...

Jenna, you are too funny ! I'm so happy you didn't fall or get shot !

I'm sorry about the migraine though. :(

Ben Kaelan said...

Whoo hooo! My Pancakes are taking over the world!!! :) I'm glad you liked them! Kudos on the apple cider and maple syrup idea! Even I would have never thought of that one. :)

love the pics! :)

Mmmm Seitan... I really wanna make some seitan soon... or be really lazy and go buy some :)

Anonymous said...