Tuesday, November 14, 2006

second time

I posted this last night. Blogger posted it 2 times. Today I tried to delete the copy and it deleted both. So now i'm writing it again. But it probably won't be as funny.

Sunday night I had a Pizza Party. The only people invited were Me and Peter. Peter's brother Fuzzy showed up right on time to crash our pizza party. He's lucky I like him. And we had enough pizza for three. The first pizza is spread with my basil-miso pesto and topped with crispy mushrooms with thyme and sage and sliced marinated sundried tomatoes. The second pizza is spread with my sundried tomato-almond pesto and topped with broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and pine nuts. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Whichever one was in my mouth at the time was my favorite. The same with Peter. Fuzzy said the mushroom was the best. What does he know. I had so much fun making this pizza. The dough is a recipe from school it's The Pizza Police's Favorite Pizza Dough. The story is that these lady's from italy came over to nyc to find the best pizza dough. This was deemed the best. It's my favorite even though it's the only dough i've made. In school I lucked out and got to make this one and it was better then the other recipes that everyone else got stuck with. I might be just biased though.

This was monday's dinner. A whole foods grain veggie burger "sandwiched" between garlicky chard and melted red onions. As a side I roasted baby red potatoes in olive oil. When there was about 5-10 minutes of cooking time left on the potatoes I threw in some chopped fresh parsley and lemon zest from one lemon. These are now my new favorite potatoes to make and eat. I wish I had extra but I only made enought for the two of us.

On Sunday I also made Vive's Coconut Lime Cookies for the first time. I didn't follow the recipe exactly because I was having too much fun singing and dancing around to the new Killers CD so i'm not sure if they came out how they were meant to. I loved them anyway. They were so limey and coconuty. I'm in love. The next time I promised myself that I would be a good baker and follow the recipe. The next time prolly being this weekend. :)

I also made Seitan on sunday. So much cooking. This is the seitan from VwaV. After I mixed the seitan all up and was getting the broth ready I realized that I used up all the tamari that i needed. So I made a broth out of water, veg broth and red wine. Hence the wine color of the seitan. It smelled so good while cooking. I hope it taste as good as it smelled. I'm sure it will. Whenever I make seitan i alway's slice 1/2 into "steaks" and cube the rest and freeze some of it. I just realized this sunday that I alway's freeze the steaks and leave the cubes to be used first. I'm sure there is some sorta psychological problem associated with this.

That's it. Retyped for the second time. If blogger fucks this up again someone will die. Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

the new Killers album is retardedly good. it's like Weezer (and/or the Cars) playing Bruce Springsteen songs, with Fuzzy on guitar.

Anonymous said...

Yum. Everything looks great, the pizzas, the sandwich, the cookies. I'm going to have to try your potato variation sometime soon.

Ben Kaelan said...

Bali miso pesto??? That sounds DELISH :) Mmmm PIzza...I need to make pizza soon :) I miss pizza... thanks for the pizza craving :)

Eat Peace Please said...

The last line cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

ha, i hope i'll end up with the pizza police dough. pastry exam tomorrow, pizza next week i think!

aTxVegn said...

OMG those pizzas sound so good! I wouldn't be able to decide between the two either.

I've had the same blogger experience - grrrrrrrrrr.

JENNA said...

stephen: it's crazy how obsessed i am about the new killers cd. when i first heard it i was like this is ok. but now i can't stop.

kris: please try the potatoes the way I made them. it's a nice variation on just plain old roasted potatoes.

ben: i love miso in my pesto and i like my pesto on my pizza. you should try both!

leslie: thanks for stopping by! happy to crack you up. :)

weibke: let me know what pizza dough recipe you get in school! I just found my pastry exam grades this weekend for making the apple galette it brought back nice memories. if Lisa is giving the galette test she's alittle tough.

atxvegn: don't you hate blogger sometimes. i still can't decide which one i liked best. which means the next time i make pizza i'll have to make both again because i can't choose one over the other.

Ben Kaelan said...

That's so cool that I jsut happened to pick that raw cookbook out of all the ones I was looking at! It's definately a good choice! They are very talented indeed. Musta been awesome working with them. Plus Matthew is really hot! LOL... Haha.

So is your miso pesto just regular pesto with miso in it? I've been looking for a tomato free sauce alternative :) What type of miso do you use? I'm very intruiged by this idea... should you care to share your secrets :)


Anonymous said...

I loved reading your post for the third time :)
And it was still funny :))

Anonymous said...