Tuesday, May 01, 2007

woooh is my liver and kindeys...

I am apparently having liver and kidney "issues" while being pregnant. So says the chef at my job. She has since recommended that I eat lots of kale, collards, adzuki beans, black beans, raw daikon, cooked daikon, carrot juice, pressure cooked brown rice and black sesame seeds...and so on. I'm taking her up on her advice because I feel horrible and I believe she may be right. Oh and I can't eat ginger because it's too "heat" producing. That makes me sad because what is a stirfry without ginger. This is a stirfry without ginger and it was damn good. It has lots of kale, daikon and carrots..I'm sure the broccoli will help as well.

My new dessert obsession. Frozen peaches, frozen blueberries and a fresh banana blended up to a smooth eat with a spoon goodness. My sister says this isn't a dessert. I say it is because it's cold, you eat it with a spoon and I ate it after dinner for DESSERT! She says chilled cucumber and mint soup is cold and eaten with a spoon so that must be dessert as well. I say if you eat it after dinner for dessert it's DESSERT!


Neva said...

Weird, most people recommend ginger in the first trimester to combat nausea.

But that stir fry looks good and your "dessert" is very healthy.

I bet all those greens are good for the baby too!

laura k said...

Slice it how you will, that "dessert" sounds refreshing and perfect! I hope the food advice works in favor of your body--those foods all sound pretty healthy to me. Take care!

Sheree' said...

Looks like dessert to me. I am sorry you are feeling yucky. That is such a bummer. Your stir-fry looks wonderful!

bazu said...

It's dessert. But it's also breakfast. Or a snack. In short, ther perfect food!

Have you looked into herbs for liver support? (disclaimer- I know NOTHING about pregnancy and herbs) Burdock root, licorice root, milk thistle, dandelion, nettle, that kind of stuff, made into herbal teas? It might be soothing for you.

I hope you feel better soon!

JENNA said...

update...just that one stirfry has made me feel a ton better...i guess all the potato eating was not a good idea. More "leafy green" dinners to come in the very near future.


Anonymous said...