Saturday, May 26, 2007

sad face.

My trusty camera has decided to crap out on me. Hopefully it is just a rechargeable battery gone bad situation and not an I need a new camera situation especially since the camera is only 1 1/2 years old. humpf!!! The most frustration thing about this is that i've made a couple of brand new recipes this week that I wanted to share with everyone and it's just not the same writing about them without pictures. On a good note I will be making these new dishes again very soon because I liked them so much and hopefully my camera will be in working mode. For now I am hot as hell..being 6 months pregnant in the hot summer heat is not fun at it's off to an A/C filled movie theater. See ya later.


n/a said...

That's okay, the pesto will hold us over. :D

Dori said...

I see you have a little one in the "oven"... congrats and I wish you many joys !

Anonymous said...