Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day and Day After

Thanksgiving Day After Meal

Our Thanksgiving's alternate each year between mine and Peter's family. Regardless of where they are I like to make us a Thanksgiving meal "my way" afterwards which excludes all meat, dairy and eggs. This year was know different. We dined on Balsamic-Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables (a Thanksgiving staple for me), Green Beans Almondine, Corn of the Cob, and Seitan Cutlets smothered in Golden Gravy. The Golden Gravy is a tester recipe for Joanna's next Yellow Rose Cookbook. It was my second time this week making it already it's that good.

Balsamic-Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables

I <3 this recipe so very much. It's based on a recipe from an issue of Bon Appetit that my mom received a few years ago and we have been making every year since. I don't follow the recipe anymore but it's the same basic idea. Roast whatever root vegetables you want with whole cloves of garlic and rosemary (fresh is best) then add the vinaigrette to it when it's done. I now just dump some balsamic vinegar, lemon zest and lemon juice into a cup without measuring and dump it over the veggies. I leave out the oil because the veggies were roasted in enough oil already that they don't need anymore added to it.

This year I roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Acorn Squash, Parsnips and Rutabaga along with some garlic cloves. Usually there are Brussels Sprouts and Beets in there but I didn't feel like going through the trouble since I had lots of other food to make for the real holiday.

This was the second time I bought this dish to my in-laws and it always gets rave reviews and everyone asking for the recipe.

Caramel Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

My Daring Bakers Challenge turned into what I was bringing to the dessert table on Thanksgiving. Read about this particular dessert in the post below.

The Dessert Table

The only thing vegan there were my cupcakes.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Faaaabulous eats!! And hell yes for the DBC caramel cupcakes :-)

tofufreak said...

oooh!! balsamic roasted veggies look awesome!!!

Sheree' said...

I can't wait for Joanna next book, that gravy looks so good. My family missed out on the carmel cake dessert on Thanksgiving, but they have been enjoying it for the past 2 days. I made mine on the due date. :o)

Anonymous said...

Those balsamic roasted veggies sound incredible. I have actually been craving some roasted veggies but before I go out and buy more food I'm trying to use up what's in the fridge/freezer/pantry. How do I wind up with so much food? Crazy.

bazu said...

I've missed your blog so much! And now I'm homesick for thanksgiving (and especially thanksgiving leftovers! mmmmm)

erin32mc said...

Everything looks SO delicious!!! You're making me hungry.

VeganCowGirl said...

What a great spread! I hear you on the need to have those amazing root veg for every holiday. Totally agree. Looks wonderful. Happy holidays to you.

Anonymous said...

Your cupcake looks delicious! I want a bite!