Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shells and Chreese

Shells and Chreese

You either love or hate this boxed mac and cheese from Roads End Organics. I happen to LOVE it. Its my favorite thing to eat on a rainy afternoon when I want to sit around and do nothing. A lot of people like to doctor theirs up by adding garlic powder and such. I just like a bit extra milk, recently oat milk, and earth balance. Plus lots of black pepper. In my opinion it doesn't need anything else.

I've only ever had the Cheddar Style Shells and Chreese so I can't say much on their other products but I'll get around to trying them one of these days.

Reno also loves this stuff. When I ate it the other day after I gave her her lunch she was climbing all over me for it. I gave her a taste and that was the end. I had to give her many many tastes after that. So now I have to share my Shells and Chreese with her.


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aimee said...

I'm on the love side! Also adding EB and rice milk with lots of black pepper! Total comfort food! I buy the chreese mix in bulk!

Tami said...

You know, I've never tried it. But now I'll watch for it! I've got to learn if I'm a lover or a hater.