Thursday, October 16, 2008

VeganMoFo: Favorite Dessert part 1

Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies

I like cookies.
I like em a lot.
I like to eat them for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, afternoon snack, midnight snack and dessert.
I like them crispy.
I like to put ice cream in the middle of two cookies and eat them as a sandwich.
I like to eat raw cookie dough.
I like to eat raw frozen cookie dough.
I like to put raw frozen cookie dough into ice cream.
I like to hide a cookie in a cupcake.
I like taking pictures of cookies.
I like looking at other peoples pictures of cookies.
I like to share cookies with people that I like.
I like to bring cookies to parties, potlucks, or just to the park.

I do not like to eat cookies in bed.


Kelly said...

I agree with you on everything except I do like cookies in bed.

Sheree' said...

I can't stand it any longer. YOu are my 20th blog to read tonight and your cookies are the final straw. I must now eat something sweet! I will drool all the way to the kitchen. :o)

Destiny's Kitchen said...

If you swap out the crispy for chewy, I'm there!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Oh my, those cookies look divine!!! Although I'm partial to chewy, soft cookies ;0)

Jen Treehugger said...

Giving cookies the love they deserve.

VeganView said...

Mmmm those look good. cookies are my least favorite baked good but these looks extremely scrumptious...can't look away...delish!

allularpunk said...

yeah, i like cookies in bed, like kelly. it's a weakness. cookies and a good book before sleepy-time? yep! those chocolate chip mint....*sigh* yes just put one in my hand right now, please.

Amey said...

what's wrong with cookies in bed!?


Nicole said...

Yum! I do like cookies in bed, though!

Anonymous said...

Mint! Yum! Did you use peppermint extract? I'll have to try this soon! I may crush up some peppermint candies for some crunch!