Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks, galette's, corn, CB.

First. Thanks to all the congrat's on the post before this! I've decided not to ground the baby for 2 weeks. I'll wait to he/she gets into real trouble to do that. I'll keep everyone updated on what's going on with "the bay" here and there. But now to glorious food:

This is White Bean and Roasted Tomato Galette adapted from the Millenium Cookbook. The original recipe from the book is wonderful (except the dough, i alway's have to add more liquid), but i've made a few changes to make it more wonderful for me. I add more garlic, lemon and some other odds and ends that I can't really remember right now. I served it with a nice red leaf lettuce salad and some garlicky cauliflower which i'm obsessed with. In my world this would make a great dinner when you are having friends or family over because it's super easy, super delicous and everyone can have there own galette! I'm all for a meal where everyone gets there own "mini entree".

The galette's right out of the oven.

When I get hungry and there is no food around I dump some corn kernels in a pot with olive oil and pop em. Then I toss them with the tastiest extra virgin olive oil I have in the apartment and salt. Then I eat the entire bowl and end up with the oilest hands and face around. 30 minutes later i'm dehydrated as all hell and drink a gallon of water.

Now for a cute CB picture. There was a morning dove hanging out on the window sill this Sunday driving CB crazy!!! She was doing all she could to get through the window. The dove just watched her prolly laughing at her in his own dove way. Eventually the dove got bored and flew away. We can't keep our windows wide open in our apartment in nice weather if we aren't home because CB jumps into them with such force that we are afraid she's going to break though the screens(we are on the third floor.) My friend Cheryl has CB's brother and he has fallen out of the window doing the same thing! Luckily he wasn't hurt and didn't run away. I love her ears in this picture.


madeinalaska said...

ohh.. I never got to say congrats on your newest addition! I myself had a real love/hate thing going on w/ pregnancy.. but, I swear now I always look fondly back..(isn't that the way w/ most life changing things?) anyhoo.. I got a hoot out of your little tormenting laughing dove.. MANY moons ago I had a pair of laughing doves and I swear they tormented me most while I was taking o-chem..Always laughing... I just knew they were laughing at me!!?..

vko said...

Oh CB's got the flattened attack kitty ears on for that morning dove- how fun!

The galettes look great. Your food always looks delicious. I am on the same page as you with the popcorn, except I cover it with liquid aminos or nutritional yeast and have to drink gallons of water after all the saltiness...yum, salt fix.

bazu said...

Oh my god, I can't get over the cute kitty shot. My cats do that with the squirrels that come to the back porch- it drives them nuts! It's funny, but then I realize that my cats want to be ferocious killing machines, and I'm stifling them with a life of cuteness! =) CB's head looks so pet-able in that shot.

Ooh, something fancy from the Millenium cookbook. The only thing I've had the courage to bake from there so far has been the spice cookies- but I drool at all the other recipes.

Mikaela said...

"Glorious food" is right - that dinner looks great! :)

urban vegan said...

I always forget to make popcorn--and yet it's so easy & healthy. Thanks for the reminder.

Cute shot of >^..^<

Candi said...

Oh, popcorn! That's a good idea! I love it with Olive oil and salt too! I try to stay away form the Earth Balance butter on it, because I'd over-do it! :)

CB is so adorable in that photo! Those ears! Lol!!!!

I hope you are feeling well and that the baby is loving all the great foods you are eating!! :)