Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a post with a bit of food.

Veg w. Rice Noodles and Peanut Sauce.....if there is one food thing I love it's peanut butter in every form except for peanut butter cookies (years ago I got the flu and ate a peanut butter cookie and can't really eat them too much anymore). Anyway..I used VwaV peanut sauce recipe from the cold noodle veg dish...I hate to say it because I've loved everything else i've made from the book but I didn't really care for this sauce and had to mess around with it and now like it much better. My other problem was the rice noodles!! The package said to soak in hot water for 20 minutes. I soaked and soaked and soaked and changed the water a few times until eventually I had to boil them on the stove. What was going to be a very quick meal turned into my new hatred for rice noodles...Peter loved the dish.

Potato Pancakes w. Applesauce...need I say more..delicious!

Moors and Christian w. an Athiest....that's basically my way of putting rice and beans on my blog yet just change the name! I've named the cornbread Athiest for the hell of it.

Grain Burger with. Broccoli and Potatoes...the only thing I want to talk about here are the Potatoes! I sauteed them with onions and lots and lots and lots of paprika! So delicous that I didn't want to eat potatoes any other way after them.

Puddin'....VwaV Chocolate Coconut Pudding...i was sitting around wishing i had lots of chocolate to eat one night and I think being rather spontaneous jumped up and made this pudding. Peter and I ate the whole lot ourselves in one sitting.


laura k said...

I'm sorry about your rice noodles mishap--I've never cooked with rice noodles so I wouldn't know what to tell you. I love beans and rice though, so post it on your blog as many times as you like!

aTxVegn said...

I'm with you on the peanut butter - I love it WAY too much! I never had much luck just soaking noodles either. I only use soba noodles now. I agree with Laura - beans and rice are always a good meal. I haven't made that pudding yet, but it sure looks good!

bazu said...

Mmmm. Grain burger and pudding sound like the perfect meal to me right now! Your photos are always so colorful and tempting.

vko said...

Everything looks delicious. I love potato pancakes and will have to make that yummy pudding for sure. And all made in an apartment kitchen- fabulous! Wait how big is that apartment kitchen...

I saw on your profile that you work for an organic catering place in Chelsea. Would love to know- am always looking for a great caterer for photo shoots.

Dori said...

I had the same thing happen with rice noodles, not very quick at all. The rest of food looks excellent though! Esp. the half- full pudding cup. :)

n/a said...

Did you make that grain burger yourself? It looks so delicious!

Twisted Cinderella said...

That all looks soo wonderful!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Everything looks warm and good - I have actually voided the VWAV peanut sauce, I think there's something I don't like in it. I usually just eyeball mine and hope for the best.

vko said...

Hi Jenna

Am definitely going to check out your caterer for next time. That's so cool that Myra Kornfeld was one of your instructors- just picked up a natural health directory and saw tons of ads for classes at Natural Gourmet Institute. Is that where you went? Might have to sign up for classes, especially looking at all the great stuff that you have made!

JENNA said...

laura...we eat way too many beans here. They are just too good though.

atxvegan..make that pudding is one of the easiest desserts to make.

bazu..the secret to good photos is putting the food right under a lamp in your living room..that's what works for me. :)

dori..after i finally finished cooking the noodles i remembered when i would need to make them in a restaurant i cooked in for summer rolls that we would just boil them for about 3 minutes and then run them under cold water..that's the only way ill make them now.

cherie...the grain burgers are from whole foods in there prepared foods case..they are delicious and perfect for those nights you can't make stuff from scratch.

twisted cinderella..thanks for stopping by and for your comment!!

jess..i think the VwaV peanut sauce has too much water and rice vinegar in it...the idea behind it is just needs tweaking in my opinion.

vko..Natural Goumet is the school that I went too..i've taken a few night classes there when I was a student and they are really good and fun..especially the chocolate classes!

see ya all later.


Mikaela said...

A big ditto on the peanut butter thing - except I like straight up pb, too :)

Anonymous said...

hi jenna,
everything looks so good! and i think i need to buy myself a new copy of vwav - gave mine away to a good friend.
hope you're doing well! sad we never really got to hang out. but i'm glad we've met!!!

love my job here, just hope my wrist will get adapted to it as well. ouch. need to find a good magnetic band or something.

oh, and guess what, after this nightmare apartment with oven not working and all i've found a new place, and will even have my own kitchen. pure luxury! will move in april 1st and start cooking and baking again.

Anonymous said...

hiya - thanks for your message! and also your advice re wrist pain. googled some exercises yesterday. will work my wrist muscles now. :)

Candi said...

:( Sorry about the fight with the noodles!! I've tried that peanut sauce recipe and liked and and wonder how you changed it? I bet yours was even better!!

Mmm! The potato cakes looks great and more potatoes with paprika! I am addicted to potatoes... :P

Great idea on the pudding too!!