Saturday, February 03, 2007

2 real meals and a cheat!

I still haven't been cooking as much as I usually do. One reason is that I just haven't been inspired to create anything. I've been cooking a lot of boring pasta's which were just way to boring and plain to actually take pictures of and post about. A co-worker of mine last week said that he hasn't heard about any of my new creations recently. Because of that comment, that night I dreamed that I was creating all this delicious food in my parents old kitchen. That dream has inspired me to cook old favorites and create new favorites that I was actually dreaming about. A lot of the dream was actually ice cream. I'm going to have to break out my ice cream machine and get to work even though it is as cold as all hell here. Here are some of the dinners I've cooked recently:

This was a delicious tamari stir fry which I added edamame to for the first time! I will now forever add edamame to my stir fries as long as I have it in house. My main stirfry rule is to add cashews. Lots of cashews.

One night I cheated and made Peter go to Whole Foods and pick up some stuff from their prepared case. For some reason I always buy there Israeli CousCous with dried cranberrys and citrus and nuts and whatever else is in that thing. But I don't really like it at all. It has the strangest taste and consistency. I remind myself that I don't like it but I still buy it. The green beans were nice and crisp. The potatoes were nasty. Never again.

An oldy but goodie! Capellini with calamata olives, sundried tomatoes, pinenuts, garlic, salt and pepper. There was something about this version that was excellent. I think I just got the proportions of all the ingredients correct this time. This pasta dish can only be made with capellini. The pasta has such a wonderful "buttery" taste to it that complements all the other ingredients.

Well I have plans for dinner tonight and SuperBowl snacks for tomorrow. I've recharged my camera batteries and erased all the nonsense off of the memory cards to photograph it all. CIAO!


Dori said...

Looking forward to seeing your super bowl snack pictures!

bazu said...

Yumm. I eat some version of your capellini dish at least once a month. And I know what you mean-there is something about that whole foods salad bar that just makes you want to eat everything!

laura k said...

It is not fair that you dream of ice cream.... Can't wait to see it. I think it's funny that you keep buying the couscous that you don't really like--as if you'll develop a taste for it someday! I do the same thing sometimes, so I totally understand. The stir fry sounds good--edamame, cashews, YUM.

JENNA said...

i've tried to develop a taste for celery, grapefruit and seaweed...i so far have been unsucessful.

Eat Peace Please said...

My main stir-fry rule is to add cashews too! It really completes the meal, huh?! Great post, everything looks good.