Saturday, February 10, 2007

i'm a dope!

Such a dope! I made the best Super Bowl appertizers ever and I was in such a rush at the end packing everything up to take to our friends house that I forgot my camera which means no pictures. So sad. I plan on making everything again real soon to get the recipes down and done so I'll take the pics then. In the mean time for the party I made:

Mixed Veg Indian Pakora's with (the most delicous store bought) Mango Chutney.

Kamikaze Dumplings filled with Carrots, Spinach and Ginger. (they are Kamikaze because of my method of steaming and frying them at the same time)

Tomato Bruschetta (so simple and so good)

The following is two of the dishes i've made in the past week:

I mixed leftover chili with leftover rice and stuffed them in blue corn taco shells. I will forever make taco's with blue corn taco shells. They gave off such a nice flavor to the whole dish. I was so hungry that night that I ate not only the 3 taco's you see on the plate but a 4th as well. So did Peter. We blame the blue corn taco shells. Buy them at once!

I know i've posted about VwaV Alfreda Sauce before but this stuff is like crack. I can't get enough of it!! Everytime I go to check on the pasta I stop by the blender with the sauce and take a taste, sometimes 2 tastes. I have leftover sauce in my fridge right now and all I can think about is eating it with a spoon. I'm disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Those taco shells were indeed awesome.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the blue corn taco shells anywhere here..*sighs*

Thanks for pointing me in the Alfreda Sauce's direction LOL
It looks wonderful !

Mikaela said...

Blue corn taco shells? I've never seen those! :)

Candi said...

Oh! I love blue corn taco shells!! YUM!

I have not tried that alfredo sauce! I know for a fact that Iw ill love it too much and would totally join you in grabbing a spoon and digging in! Lol!! That's why I have not made it. I cannot be trusted. :P

Harmonia said...

I'm loving your blog! Mind if I add it to my bloglines and visit often? I'm at:

Anonymous said...

how are you doing???
you can email me here - rockingwillowatgmaildotcom
things are pretty rough up here in toronto. no jobs or shitty paid jobs. *sigh*

laura k said...

Hi Jenna! I can't wait to see the pics of all your Super Bowl munchies! I've never tried the VWaV alfreda sauce but it sounds (and looks) like it's worth checking out.