Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Monday Night

Our old standby Rice and Beans. Usually my rice and beans has a "special guest star" but this week I've been working later than usual which means no special guest star. The guest would have been roasted Kabocha Squash. Maybe next time. I've been struggling with this dish for awhile now. We always like it but its never the same and it's never as good as it use to be and i couldn't figure out why. I'm use to cooking in very large quantities so when I add spices I usually add A LOT especially Cumin..I can't get enough of it. On Monday I decided to try the less is more approach and VOILA its close to tasting how I remember it should taste. I cut down on the amount of spices that i use and even left out a few of the spices that are usually in it..I pretty much stuck with..Cumin (still a lot), a dash of Chile Powder and a dash of Oregano. I'm very happy with the change...Although I used two Jalapeno and my fingers were still burning the next morning. (I know I should use gloves from all the restaurant work I've done but I always think I'm better then that) :)

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