Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We've moved!

We are in our new apartment! After 3 day's of moving (friday, saturday and sunday!) Thank goodness for great friends and family who helped with the whole thing. I'll post a few pics when we are unpacked and semi set up, which might take a week or so since Peter is leaving for an 8 day business trip this saturday. boohoo.


One of our past Wednesday Potlucks was appetizer themed. My favorite thing when going to certain Italian restaurants is when they give each person a piece of bruschetta when you sit down. It's such a great way to start a meal except when places put cheese on it. Cheese has no business being on such a thing!

I can't wait until tomato season is in full swing here in Jersey so I can make a batch of this, keep it in the fridge and eat it for days on end as it sits, marinates and gets tastier with each passing day.

Balsamic Portobello Sandwiches with Basil Mayo + Tomatoes

If I could eat one sandwich for the rest of my life this might be it! It is a very easy to veganize recipe from bon appetite magazine that my mom made while we were visiting for Easter. The ciabatta rolls are buttered w. Earth Balance and toasted. The mayo is Veganaise, roasted garlic, fresh basil and a splash of balsamic. The mushrooms are cooked in Earth Balance and balsamic vinegar and topped with fresh tomato. I could taste it now as I think about it..mmmmmm...the warm toasted buttery bread melting the mayo into the crevices of tomato and mushrooms..mmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Monkeys holding heaven together.

Raspberry Blackout Cake from VwaV

We celebrated my sisters birthday the saturday before Easter. You cannot buy vegan desserts in south jersey where my parents live. My sister isn't vegan but was finishing up her 3 month vegan challenge so I made this cake for her which is now a family favorite.

Sliced to eat. Topped with raspberries to be found.


Re in her Easter dress..she actually managed to keep it on all day without messing it was a miracle!


Amey said...

I'm impressed... blogging so soon after a move. That takes real dedication.

The cake looks fantastic. I'm so lazy, I always just make a chocolate wacky cake that's super fast and easy. But one of these days I'll try that Blackout Cake.


Anonymous said...

congrats! moving is prooooobably the single thing i hate most in the world, aside from unethical treatment of living beings of i am glad to see it went well for you! and that cake looks absolutely orgasmic!!choc.o.late. yum.

VeganLinda said...

Reno looks adorable!! Oh yeah, the food looks good too. :-)

aTxVegn said...

Congratulations on your new place! Your cake and especially Reno are beautiful.

Mihl said...


Bruschetta is really a nice appetizer. I meand, who can resist fresh, crusty bread, garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes?

The rasoberry blackout cake is one of my favourites, too.

Mihl said...

raspberry :)

Liz Ranger (Bubble Tea for Dinner) said...

I love the monkeys! And the sandwich sounds soooo perfect... mmm melty mayo. :D

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

gimme that sammich! yum!

i didn't realize you were in Jersey. I'm from Bayonne by way of Toms River.

Reno is adorable...but you knew that already ;)

JENNA said...

dgmgv...i'm in bloomfield by way of NY, Montclair, Clifton, Kearny, Clifton. I've moved a lot! My grandfather lived in Beachwood which is next to Toms River.

Anonymous said...

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bazu said...

Aw, Reno is looking cuter every day!!

Congratulations on your move- it must be such a relief to have it out of the way. Oh and now you have me craving bruschetta and chocolate/raspberry cake simultaneously!

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