Thursday, August 16, 2007

still baby.

Today I had one of those day's where I just layed on the couch ALLLLLLLL day long. Which I think in my situation is acceptable. How I got off my ass to make tonights dinner I have no idea..I was aching and slightly cramping through the whole thing.

Italian Seitan w. Pesto, Lemon Potatoes and Cauliflower...YUM!! Yesterday I made the seitan recipe from VwaV. I froze most of it for after baby dinners but kept a few slices around for dinner tonight. The seitan was dredged in a mixture of chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, dried basil, salt and pepper and fried in a few tablespoons of oil. For the potatoes I just cut em up, squeezed 1/2 a lemon on it (leftover from my guacamole lunch) added some olive oil salt and pepper and roasted them until crispy. Simple sauteed cauliflower...then topped it all off with some homemade Miso-Pesto that I made tonight. Everything was great, especially the seitan. This will be something I make more often. It was so "meaty" and satisfying and using chickpea flour instead of regular flour really made this dish great. (I also use chickpea flour in the seitan recipe instead of the white flour that is called for)

Angel Hair Pasta w. Cauliflower, Stringbeans, Carrots and Tomato Paste. For some reason I really really like cauliflower in pasta. I sauteed cauliflower, stringbeans, carrots and garlic in some olive oil. Since I opened a can of tomato paste to make the seitan recipe mentioned above I needed another use for it so I added a few tablespoons to the pan after everything was cooked and thined it out with some pasta water. Then added the pasta and mixed it all up. I really liked using tomato paste along with some fresh tomatoes in this dish..It gave it a nice slow cooked flavor. It also gave me another use for tomato paste because I alway's end up throwing at least 1/2 of it away because I either forget about it or don't know what to make with it.

Well my official due date is this Saturday. So please think of positive labor pains for me. I have a feeling she might wait until the weekend is over though..but you never know. Everyday it feels like more and more is happening so I hope she's almost ready to send out her signal and get things moving.


Anonymous said...

wishing you the best!

the food looks incredible, thanks for the tip.

Unknown said...

stopped by to see if the baby came ;)
I guess women kind of feel their labour. I really wanted to stay at home before my delivery day - and my baby was 10 days earlier.
I wonder the recipe for the miso pesto, maybe you cans hare with us when you feel like it?
As for the tomato paste, it's an ingredient we always use when it's not tomato season. Just dilute in water and add to the saucepan. Cheers! You're in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

positive labor pain? do those words even belong together?! but anyway, i wish the best of luck on your new life, nothing will be the same again! that's so awesome!

bazu said...

I'm hereby sending you good vibes! That baby should be rushing out, wanting to taste all the yummy food you make!

(That first meal looks magnificent, and makes me happy that, unlike the baby, I have teeth, so I can eat it-lol!)

MeloMeals said...

Oh, those last days of pregnancy.. they just drag on.... and on.... I wish for you, that she comes when she is perfectly ready and in a wonderful birthing position!

I haven't tried coating seitan with chickpea flour, but I can see how that would be really good.. thanks for a great idea!

btw, you look adorable in your last post.. love the beautiful baby belly!!

Theresa said...

Here's hoping for the best!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

gorgeous dishes there - as I write this comment, it is Sunday, so I'm hoping that you've delivered the baby already, quickly and without labor pains :0)