Sunday, August 12, 2007

6 days she's due.

I havn't posted in almost a month due to baby exhaustion. She is due next saturday august 18th. I'm hoping she comes sooner then later. If you know what's good for you don't ever get pregnant in the month of November because being 9 months pregnant in August is horrible! I just sit around with the air on and my big belly exposed to cool off. Plus i've been living in a cold shower at least 2 times a day. I've been cooking though on and off and have some porn to show.

I'm calling this Indian Inspired Chickpea and Veg Ratatouille. I had alot of veg in the fridge, it was 8 o'clock at night and we were hungry. Luckily I found a can of tomatoes in the food closet to stew it all together. I served it as is without rice or anything because I didn't feel like it.

Two Bean Cashew Chili with Corn Biscuits. I didn't have enough ingredients to make cornbread. I didn't have enough flour to make regular biscuits so I took a biscuit recipe and substituted 1/2 of the flour for cornmeal, making an interesting Corn Biscuit. It needs a bit of work and something else added to it (i'm not sure what yet) to make it a new and delicious recipe.

Stir Fry Veg with Noodles and Peanut Sauce.

Chipotle "Sausage" and Potato Hash. All we had in the house were potatoes, a grain veggie burger, a chipotle Field Roast "sausage", some carrots, garlic and onions. I fried em all up and added a ton of paprika. It tasted like heaven.

Dirty Rice w. Black Beans...another way to use Field Roast Chipotle "Sausage". I'm obsessed with the stuff.

Someone finally dwarfed Riley and I'm afraid it's me.


Theresa said...

I wonder if you'll ever look back fondly on these days. Maybe when you've got a crying baby with poop diapers, right in the middle of making a risotto or something that needs constant attention. But maybe that's still better than being pregnant in August!

Even though you say the food is all thrown together, it looks super yummy!!

Anonymous said...

the food looks so good!

wow ! i know is not easy. being pregnant in August is very difficult.

Unknown said...

nice to hear from you again. despite the heat you have faboulous food to feed that baby ;)
just 5 days to go. I know how excited you might be right now. Keep us posted and be careful with that big belly ;) I had skipped from the stairs on my last week of pregnancy, my bottom was hurt very very badly. Even after the delivery, I couldn't sit properly.
I wish you a very easy labour as the baby might decide to come out anytime now ;)Good luck!

bazu said...

Oh wow- I can so tell, from the tone of your voice, that you are *ready* to have that baby! I hope for your sake that she comes as soon as possible. I'm not even pregnant, and this august heat is making me crazy. I love that last photo- your cat looks so perturbed that he's being dwarfed- ha!

Good luck and keep cool!

Anonymous said...

glad that you're back. my friend was born on aug 18 so that is a good luck day! everything looks tasty. good luck with your new upcoming life!

madeinalaska said...

oh honey- as a mother of four I feel your ready-ness!!
may it go smooth for you and the babe! good luck!
did you stock your freezer w/ any left overs?

JENNA said...

theresa..risotto sounds good. maybe i should make it now before she comes. ain't easy.

isil..i am trying to be very careful..yesterday i kept tripping over my own feet.

bazu..riley likes being large and in charge. actually he was very concerned with the noise that the camera was making..he's a bit of a wimp :)

bethie..the 18th is one of my friends birthday's also. it really must be a lucky day. i hope it is for me.

Julee..i didn't stock my freezer. everytime i make a huge batch of something i just ended up eating it all during the next few days because i ended up feeling tired and not wanting to cook. if i can i might at least try to make a few batches of seitan to freeze in the next day or two. and my mom is going to be here and make some stuff.

JENNA said...
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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your delivery. Your Chipotle Sausage and Potato Hash sounds really delicious. I love it when all the leftovers come together to create a magical meal that will likely never be re-created again.

Anonymous said...

What a crack up about those brownies. The next time I make them I want to try them with 100% whole wheat pastry flour and I want to sub half of the oil with applesauce or pumpkin. I'm hoping that those healthier additions won't alter them too much and will make me feel less glutonous after eating them.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

all of your dishes look fabulous!!

wishing you a quick, healthy delivery!!

JENNA said... version of the brownies uses spelt flour and i add coconut flakes to them. yum!!
I think the applesauce would be a good change to the recipe.

veggiegirl..thanks and thanks. i hope it's quick and soon.

Kumudha said...

Take care!

VeganLinda said...

Wishing you a great birthing experience. I'm not sure you want a fast three hour labor was totally intense with my second and I'm glad it wasn't my first time birthing. It was incredible though...nothing beats giving birth...well maybe some awesome vegan lasagna. I'm with you on the heat. I'm about three weeks from my due date with number 3 and summer time is not my time for having babies (what was I thinking having no A/C???). I suggest Feb and April like my last two. Stock that freezer while you can and have a great babymoon after she is born. You amaze me with everything you are cooking. I've been sending my husband into the kitchen because of the heat.

JENNA said...


linda...i wish i could send my husband into the kitchen! i'm such a cooking control freak that i can't leave him alone and then it drives me nuts and i take over. once you learn professional knife skills it's hard to watch other people chop food.

3 weeks left for you! good luck!

Peggy said...

All that food looks great, but the corn biscuits are so adorable with their flowery shape! :) I love it!

aTxVegn said...

You definitely look ready! I love all your one dish meals. You are so creative!

bazu said...

I hope you realize that we're all going to keep checking back here now, waiting to hear baby news!

Anonymous said...

Well, you are my hero. Nine months pregnant, in August and you are still cooking ! I am in awe.
I have been pregnant 4 times and I could never have done what you are doing. You deserve to be pampered for a year now, you really do.

I will think about you and baby and your little family. Can't wait to hear how wonderfully everything went !

Sylvia said...

BLEH!! My daughter was born Aug. 16, 2007. I completely understand the agony. We had almost $400 electric bills because I kept the ac on 69 for 3 months almost.. that's what you get for living in Houston. And seriously-- no one understands how miserable you are! Glad you made it through!
Seiko Ananta