Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breakfast and Cupcakes

Tofu Scramble + Sausage Breakfast Burrito

It's Tuesday so I have to bring you some Tofu goodness. I've become quite the tofu connoisseur over the past 2 months and it's not going to stop just yet. We were at my parents house this weekend with my sister and our friend Rachele. On Sunday we decided to have a nice breakfast. While the others dined on eggs and bacon Rachele and I dined on VwaV "inspired" Tofu Scramble with some sorta veggie style sausage. It was very good and hit the spot. My father even tried some after asking what is was and being told it was "fake eggs" or "feegs". I yelled out it was scrambled tofu. Don't call my shit fake. It's real people...real!!

Buckwheat Pancakes w. Bananas

Fathers Day breakfast for Peter. Yellow Rose Recipe's Buckwheat Pancakes. Peter's been asking for them for ages so he got em. My favorite thing about this recipe is that there is a mashed up banana in the batter. They were so good. Since I now have a big bag of the flour in my posession we will be eating these more often.

Chocolate Cupcakes w. Vanilla Buttercream

I'm on the phone with my sister. Another call is coming thru..it's Peter's Grandma. She asks if I can make dessert for the dinner she was hosting that night. I said "Yes." I call my sister back 25 minutes later and tell her that "I had to make cupcakes." She says "You made cupcakes?" "Yes." I said, "They will be out of the oven in 5 minutes." I then had to explain that I can't help it if I can whip out a batch of cupcakes in 15 minutes from scratch. It's just something I can do. It's something you can do to if you baked a lot.

So good. They were from VCTOTW.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

"Don't call my shit fake. It's real people...real!!" Haha, you made me laugh out loud :0D

What a fabulous, hearty Father's Day breakfast!!

I FINALLY got a copy of VCTOTW - those cupcakes definitely look worth making!!

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Celine said...

I adore the deco for the cupcakes! simply stunning.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh yeah, I just love whipping out cupcakes! Don't you just sometimes feel like you could do it in your sleep?

I hate it when people call vegan food fake!

urban vegan said...

I love breakfast burritos. But I only like them when someone else makes them for me.

Katy said...

Those cupcakes look divine! I really need to buy that book!

Theresa said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful. And I love your philosophy on feggs and tofu scramble!

Catherine Weber said...

Rock on with the cupcakes! I can prep bake pretty quickly, too, depending on the recipe -- isn't it fun?? :)

Sam said...


Amey said...

Great post! You're hilarious!

I have to agree with VeggieGirl, "Don't call my shit fake." is a great line! I'm with you 100%. Vegan food is what it is, and it's good BECAUSE of what it is. Not cuz it's fakin' to be something else.

Also, I cracked up at the story of making cupcakes in no time at all. In the last couple of years, I have become so much more comfortable in the kitchen, and I love that feeling - "oh I could whip that up in a few minutes"


Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) said...

Your breakfast burrito looks so good!! I'm going to have do myself up one of those this weekend.

I love those buckwheat pancakes from YRR are delicious! I love making them whenever the pancake mood strikes.

The cupcakes are ADORABLE. I really need to just buy VCTOTW already.

vko said...

Love me some of everything on this post- cupcakes are way cute and that fake shit comment, too good, there's no faking how good your vegan food is!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Cupcakes look delicious! I love breakfast burritos ... definitely something I need to make soon

Anonymous said...