Monday, October 08, 2007

Crazy for coconut!

We were invited to our friends house for dinner on Saturday and I said I'd bring dessert. I made the Coconut Heaven Cupcakes from VwaV. While I was collecting all the ingredients I needed I took out my bottle of coconut extract thinking that it will be used in the recipe. Well it wasn't listed as an ingredient but how can you have a coconut cupcake that claims to be from heaven with out the extra coconut flavor to make it a true Coconut Heaven Cupcake? I ended up adding it to the cupcake batter and to the frosting. The cupcake tastes like coconut without the extract. It taste like coconut heaven with the extract. Needless to say the cupcakes were devoured at our friends house and at Peter's families house on sunday.

Sunday night I made a batch of pesto and used 1/2 of it on a Ciabatta Pizza. I like the pesto to be the star of this "pizza" so I keep the toppings minimal: yellow pepper, red onion, garlic and herbs de provence. Delicious.

Soup anyone. I woke up this morning. Fed Reno. She went back to sleep. I went into the kitchen, p.j.'s and all, and whipped up 2 soups! The soup on the left is a Lemongrass-Carrot Coconut Soup. The soup on the right is my Fire Roasted Tomato, Butternut, Coconut and Curry Soup. This was my first time making this carrot soup. It came out quite tasty but dare I say that it actually needs more carrots in the recipe. I've made my notes to my recipe and hopefully next time it will be better than tasty. The butternut soup recipe, which is posted somewhere on this blog I believe, is great. I don't think i'd change a thing.

If I locate the recipe I'll link it to this post.

For dinner tonight, instead of eating one of the soups, I made a quick Dirty Rice with a rogue Field Roast Sausage that I found in the fridge. Nothing too fancy and it had to be quick because Reno was quite a diry girl today and needed a bath.

On a sad note. I discovered today that my copy of The Damn Tasty! vegan baking guide is missing about 10 pages! Quite a number of recipes are missing! I will talk to Food Fight tomorrow and see what they will do about it, plus order a box of the Mesquite Lime Primal Strips!!!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, those coconut cupcakes must taste like heaven! Great call on adding the extract!
I also have some field roast sausages lurking in the fridge, must figure out something to do with them...
My copy of Damn Tasty also has some problems, repeated pages. I actually never checked the contents to make sure everything was there, maybe I should!

bazu said...

Everything looks great, especially that pizza. Do you have a special ciabatta crust recipe? Like you, I often keep the toppings on pizza minimum, because for me it's all about the sauce and especially the crust.
Your cupcakes do look heavenly! By the way, the coconut/lime cupcakes in Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World do have coconut extract in them, so you're onto something. I've never bothered buying the extract, but since you speak so highly of it, I might have to revisit that issue...

Rose said...

Yummy, those coconut cupcakes look great - and I'm not a huge fan of coconut!

Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

i made those cocobut cupcakes and thought they were SUPER sweet. pretty great though.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

mmm, those coconut cupcakes certainly DO look heavenly :0) and I'm loving the ciabatta pizza and the dirty rice dish (Field Roast 'sausages' are INCREDIBLE!!)

yikes, I do hope that you can get another copy of 'Damn Tasty,' with all the pages intact!!

vko said...

Those coconut cupcakes look divine.
Haven't been by your blog lately- but I have to say Reno is gorgeous! Congratulations Momma!

And still time to cook yummy stuff...I love primal strips-haven't tried the mesquite lime yet.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Could I possible have the recipe for the fire roasted tomato soup, it tastes divine! just if you have time!

Anonymous said...

I made a coconut cupcake not long ago and it was absolutely delicious. I'm crazy about coconut, I put it in everything because it's just so good. Your's look great. I've never seen coconut extract in Sweden but I'm sure it's awesome.

Kris said...

Oh no! Another rogue book! Damn it, this makes the 5th one! Oh well, I guess you can only expect so much from a small, home-based press. Sigh.

I can take care of swapping it out for you, if you haven't heard from FF yet. Let me know.


Anonymous said...