Saturday, September 22, 2007

Desperation Dinner.

The other night I was desperate for food. I hadn't had a chance to eat all day. Reno, who is a good baby, decided to be cranky for a bit and Peter was out picking up our new stereo. It was a bit impossible to cook with her needing attention, but if I didn't I would have passed out and I was getting a major headache. I managed to get her to sit in this rainforest bouncer chair on the kitchen table for about 15 minutes while I whipped up this delicous but desperate Italian Stirfry. It consists of Zucchini, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, Pinenuts and fresh Basil. It was great and made me feel a ton better. Even better is that it was something that i've never made before so yeah to me for creating a new dish.

Here are some new pics of Reno. I never got around to telling you all about the birth and everything BECAUSE!!! my second night home from the hospital I ended up back in the hospital with a pretty wicked kidney infection! It was horrible! I was on all these drugs and such which I ended up being allergic too and my face swelled up 5 time bigger then my face already is!! I had to spend the night in the hospital (would have been two nights if I didn't have the allergic reaction) I've never been sick or allergic to anything so this was all a bit too much for me. But i'm all better now (i think) and Reno is a wonderful baby. She only wakes us up once or twice at night to be fed and sleeps the rest of the night away. She's already grown 2 inches!

I've pretty much recovered from the birth. It was pretty horrible being induced because the induction processed worked alittle too well with me and it all happend to fast which in the long run I guess is better than laboring for 20 or more hours before pushing, the whole thing took only 12 or so with actual contractions and labor being only 5 hours.

So I should be posting more often now since i'm back cooking us dinners and such which i'm excited about. I've missed making my dinners and I can't eat anymore take out or other people meals anymore! See ya's soon.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

yay, welcome back to the blogging world!! that "desperate dinner" looks quite tasty to me; and oh my goodness, Reno is PRECIOUS!!! It was worth the wait/delayed labor (I hope, for you as well!) for just a little gem like her. I look forward to your next post :0)

MeloMeals said...

She sure is adorable!

I'm sorry you got such a rough start... that had to be really scary to be sick like that..

Your dinner looks great!

Anonymous said...

she is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby! And your desperate dinner looks just perfect. I love a filling quick meal!

aTxVegn said...

Reno is so beautiful, Jenna! And I hope you know how lucky you are that she already sleeps so well through the night. Stirfry is the tastiest way to go when you need a quick meal.

JENNA said...

i do know how lucky i am that she sleeps thru the night! :) I've heard so many horror stories from other people where their kids didn't sleep well at night for the first 3 years of there little lives!!

Theresa said...

Look at those eyes! What a gorgeous bub! And welcome back, glad you're out of the hospital and back in your home and making great looking stir-fries!

Unknown said...

welcome back! Reno is lovely.
Those early weeks pass so quick that you miss the newborn baby so much. Treasure all these sweetest moments ;)My baby is one of those babies who askes up every 2 hours or so ;)
Sorry to hear about the infection and all but I'm happy that you are well again and back to cooking wonderful meals and posting them to us!

bazu said...

How scary with the kidney infection and the allergies- I'm glad you're feeling much better! I love the photos of Reno, she is so cute and alert. Oh, and I'll take your desperation dinners any time.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh she is so adorably cute!! Congratulations!! I'm sure this has been an exciting and exhausting month for you. And still finding time to blog? You must be a super mom!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby! You must be so happy!
I am glad you are over the side effects, sounded nasty!

Anonymous said...

I am late as always and I'm so sure she is even more beautiful today than when you took that picture but OMG !
She is so amazingly beautiful <3

I always love your food, you know that I hope but I admit, I want you to post more baby pictures LOL

Happy you are all right. That infection must have been scary !

Anonymous said...